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Nutritional consultant Leslie Fierling founded Kinetic Nutrition Inc, a company which focuses on helping clients achieve optimum nutrition and health.
Determined to lead by example, Leslie is dedicated to her own fitness and nutritional goals. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics (Nutrition and Family Life Studies, including Human Sexuality) and a Certificate in Education from Montana State University. She also holds a Certificate in Peer Counseling from the University of British Columbia and is a Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS). Leslie has worked extensively in the nutrition field in the United States and Canada, both as a consultant and as a high school teacher.

In her new book, “Say Yes to Saying No – Set Your Boundaries for Success”, Leslie teaches how to get inspired and wake up, take charge and set boundaries to create a life of great health and personal fulfillment.

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“Leslie is highly professional and always can be relied upon to provide presentations of the very highest quality.”
Alan Warburton


  Deciding to achieve a higher level of personal fitness, I engaged Leslie's services as a nutritional consultant. What impressed me immediately was how committed she was to my success. She invested a great deal of time determining exactly what my goals were, and tailored a program to meet those goals. The end result? Those goals were met quite quickly and I was able to establish and maintain a higher personal fitness level. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.

Eric Wilson




In 2005 we engaged Leslie's services as a nutritional consultant to prepare and present a seminar for our firm. Her body of knowledge and nutritional strategies resulted in a presentation that many of our staff found useful and informative. She possesses a keen wit and has a very engaging presentation style. We highly recommend her to anyone thinking of doing the same.

Eric P. Wilson, CA


BDO Dunwoody, Chartered Accountants




  I have been Leslie Fierling's client since January 2005, consulting in nutrition and weight control. Leslie came to my office during my business hours to complete all information gathering, reporting and follow-up procedures. Her reported results and recommendations are immediately understood and simple to implement and follow through, including diet, nutrition and exercise recommendations. I am a professional, working long hours, combining marathon running with my busy family and work routine. Leslie has assisted me to maintain life balance and health through nutrition and weight control.

I highly recommend Leslie for her exceptional service and results.

Anna Perry

Lawyer, Age 48

Langley, BC










I am a Certified Personal and Pilates Trainer. I own and manage a fitness center in Vancouver, BC.

My clients needed nutritional information for the purpose of weight loss and improving athlete performance. Leslie educated my clients with a very enthusiastic presentation and had beautiful, concise booklets for them to take home. I also hired Leslie to do a Body Composition Analysis for myself which I found very useful for my Triathalon training and competition.

I would highly recommend Leslie to give nutritional presentations at any fitness facility or elsewhere. She is also extremely competent and easy to converse with, regarding one on one consulting for various nutritional topics.

Cheryl Devine
Trainer and Owner
Devine Fitness and Pilates Inc.


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